Hey There!

I'm Henry Haefliger

Innovative and hard-working software engineer who is particularly dedicated to complex problems.

Thank you to the people who have helped me make it this far.


Assembled - Software Engineer

January 2022 - Present

  • Assembled is an all-in-one scheduling, forecasting, and reporting tool built to help support teams respond to customers on time, every time.
  • Working on team forecasting to improve automation capabilities.

Recurse Center - Recurser

September 2021 - December 2021

  • The Recurse Center is a self-directed, community-driven educational retreat for programmers based in New York City and currently operating online.

Kairos Society (Now Sigma Squared) - Talent

November 2020 - November 2021

  • Sigma Squared is a global community of 1000+ entrepreneurs who are on a mission to transform broken industries and create positive impact. Sigma Squared was previously known as the Kairos Society which started in the United States more than 13 years ago in 2008.
  • Selected by Kairos Society Europe (Now Sigma Squared) to join a group of world leaders in solving the world's biggest problems. Youngest member of the program by 5 years. Working towards enhancing creativity in the digital age.

Other Experience

  • Google, Apple, Qualcomm, Intuitive Surgical – Work Experience
  • All3DP - Technical Writer, 3D Printing
  • Shinnecock Yacht Club – Sailing Instructor
  • Handivoile – Volunteer to assist handicapped sailors
  • Acuit Solutions – Owner/Developer


  • Python3 · JavaScript · Tensorflow · Keras · PyTorch · Django · Django Rest Framework · React.js · React Native · HTML · CSS · JQuery · Bootstrap · C# · Unity · Machine Learning · Computer Vision · Signal Processing · Golang


  • Fluent in English and French with working proficiency in German.




  • Developed a digital assistant from scratch using tensorflow and keras.
  • 40 page long accompanying write-up.


github.com (library) / github.com (models)

  • A python module for neural image enhancement featuring implementations of multiple papers.



  • A simple module built using only the python3 standard library to display 3D graphics with interactive options.
  • By far my most popular project, several people have reached out to me to either ask questions or suggest improvements



  • A generalized python API for interacting with chat applications (Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.)

A.S.W.A.P - Aquation


  • Used weakly supervised learning to develop an underwater waste detection model.

You can find more projects on my github page ...


  • Institut Florimont – Swiss Matura, Physics and Applied Mathematics
  • University of Geneva – ATHENA, Applied Physics
  • MIT/SwissMAP – PRIMES, Mathematics


Major League Hacking WinHacks2021 - 2nd Place

September 2020

  • Developed an application to track equipment across various facilities and facilitate collaborative research through data sharing.
  • Won second prize in the category "data analytics for health science."
  • You can find the code for my project here.
  • You can find the demo video here.

Swiss Futurpreneur - Winner

September 2020

  • Developed an idea to use machine learning and image processing to allow persons with amputated limbs to better interact with technology (e.g. using a virtual gesture keyboard to type).
  • Won a national competition hosted by Goodwall and Genilem.
  • You can find my elevator pitch here.

Moonshot Pirates #beapirate Challenge - Finalist

June 2020 - July 2020

  • Worked in a team of three to develop an autonomous system for underwater waste collection.
  • Personally developed the garbage detection model using weakly supervised learning (GradCAM) and contributed to the classification algorithm.
  • Wrote a pitch and worked on a one minute demo video to demonstrate our idea to judges and external voters.
  • You can find more information here.

Other Places You Can Find Me

Swiss Futurpreneur Winner Interview


  • Here is an interview I did with Christian Eilers from Goodwall after winning their Swiss Futurpreneur competition.

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