My statement of purpose.

September 20th 2021

I recently read an article an about personal statements of purpose and the idea stuck. So here goes...

The purpose of this is to document for myself where I am now and without going into too much detail where I hope to be in the future so that I may come back to it at a later date and reflect on my progress.

I am currently at Recurse center to dramatically improve my coding abilities, discover new technologies and find a job to move forward with. I recently graduated from high school and decided that higher education was not for me or my goals. Following that, I worked two months in a summer job and then landed here at RC to work on a mix of new (Unity, operating systems, C, assembly) and old projects (digital assistants, pose estimation, 3D graphics).

In the future I hope to be the CEO of the most impactful technology company in history. I feel that this is my true purpose as I have always sought to solve problems through invention and gravitated towards this sort of work. I have also only visited 17 countries so far; I have the rest of the world left to see.

All things said, I am just getting started...