Thank You!

These are people who have not only been incredibly kind to me but also who's actions inspire me every day. Of course, naming them all is an impossible task, there are too many, but these are a few that I have picked out.

My Mother

For loving me so well and being endlessly supportive.

My Grandmothers

For being eternally caring, patient and generous.


For being such an obnoxious younger brother; it is difficult for life to be boring around you.

Mr. Cressey

For being the single greatest influence on where I am today, introducing me to computer science in Shanghai and being one of the most patient teachers I have ever met.

Cristina, Olav, Paulo and Sofia

For being like a second family to me in Shanghai.

Paulo, Kris, Aneesh, Munique and Audrey

For being such great friends. Hopefully we can see each other again in the next few years. 

Karim, Adriano, Jonathan and Othon

For welcoming me to Switzerland and being amazing friends.

Amy and Dave

For being wonderful godparents.

Bob DeYoung

For your patience, generosity and pacifistic demeanour.

Kairos Society

For providing me with support and inspiration.

The Moonshot Pirates Team

For inspiring me to "do epic sh*t" and, more importantly, for helping me to realize how far you can get just by trying.

Mr. Hitchings, Ms. McCardle, Mr. Foster, Mr. Hill, Ms. Selden, Mr. Shrewsbury, Mr. Siegrist, Mr. Handley

For going beyond the necessary to be both empathetic and interesting in your teaching.

Mr. Maley

For helping me to discover the fascinating depth of mathematics and physics.

Mr. Davies

For giving up your time to help me pursue one of my passions.

Beth, Jordan, Olivia and Charlotte

For providing me with an incredible opportunity in San Francisco and being such welcoming hosts.

Eileen, Dominique, Jason, Jordan and Steve

For your generosity and letting me spend a day shadowing you in Silicon Valley.

Louis Rossmann

For sharing your knowledge and wisdom for free.

Steve Chow (blackpenredpen)

For sharing your love of mathematics.

Harrison Kinsley (sentdex)

For helping millions (including me) discover programming.

Colin Furze

For your incredible energy and for inspiring a younger me to build things.

Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski

For creating Codecademy, one of the first websites I used to learn python.

Yeva Hyusyan and David Kocharyan

For creating Sololearn, where I picked up the basics of several programming languages when I was younger.

Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky

For being the founders of Stackoverflow, my go-to community for coding queries.

Roger Federer

For always being humble.

Leonard Cohen

For your music.

Lex Fridman

For discussing various topics in your podcasts and your research.

Walter Lewin

For your humanistic approach to teaching.

Eric Weinstein

For supporting the open sharing of ideas and philosophy.

Peter Thiel

For being an inspiring entrepreneur and industry leader.

Linus Torvalds

For creating my favorite operating system.

Mark Shuttleworth

For developing Ubuntu, the first Linux system that I used.

Guido Van Rossum

For creating Python, which is how I began programming.